The Flanagan Scholarship for Active Firefighters

This Scholarship program was established in 1974 by the Connecticut State Firefighters Association, the Connecticut Fire Chiefs Association, the Connecticut Fire Marshals Association, and the Connecticut Fire Department Instructors Association, to honor the memory of Andrew J. Flanagan.

Andy Flanagan was for many years the Training Officer for the New Haven Fire Department, as well as the Treasurer of the Connecticut State Firemen’s Association. Following his retirement from the department as a Battalion Chief, he was appointed the first full-time Director of Fire Training for the State of Connecticut. He held this position until his death in 1972.

Andy was a strong proponent of continuing education for firefighters and was instrumental in establishing the Connecticut Technical College Fire Technology Associate Degree Program. These Scholarship awards are granted in an effort to carry on with his vision.

Several Scholarships will be awarded. Click here for an Application form.